AntiSpam object


The AntiSpam object contains all server-wide settings related to anti-spam.


 Clear greylisting triplets.


bool AddHeaderReason
 Add header X-hMailServer-Reason when spam message is found.
bool AddHeaderSpam
 Add header X-hMailServer-Spam when spam message is found.
bool BypassGreylistingOnSPFSuccess
 Bypasses Greylisting if IP sending mail is sucessfully confirmed to meet the SPF record.
bool BypassGreylistingOnMailFromMX
 Bypasses Greylisting if IP sending mail is in MX record.
bool CheckHostInHelo
 Check host specified in HELO command.
long CheckHostInHeloScore
 Check host specified in HELO command (SpamScore).
DNSBlackLists DNSBlackLists
 Antispam: DNS black lists collection.
bool GreyListingEnabled
 Use grey listing.
long GreyListingFinalDelete
 GreyListing - Delete used triplet after this time (hours).
long GreyListingInitialDelay
 GreyListing - Delay before accepting messages (minutes).
long GreyListingInitialDelete
 GreyListing - Delete unused triplet after this time (hours).
GreyListingWhiteAddresses GreyListingWhiteAddresses
 White list for greylisting.
long MaximumMessageSize
 Maximum message size to run anti-spam on.
bool PrependSubject
 Prepend message subject.
string PrependSubjectText
 Text to prepend to message subject.
bool SpamAssassinEnabled
 Antispam: Enable SpamAssassin integration
string SpamAssassinHost
 Antispam: SpamAssassin host name
bool SpamAssassinMergeScore
 Antispam: Merge score from SpamAssassin.
long SpamAssassinPort
 Antispam: SpamAssassin port
long SpamAssassinScore
 Antispam: SpamAssassin (score).
long SpamDeleteThreshold
 Spam delete threshold
long SpamMarkThreshold
 Spam mark threshold
SURBLServers SURBLServers
 SURBL servers collection.
bool UseMXChecks
 Antispam: Use MX checks.
long UseMXChecksScore
 Antispam: Use MX checks (score).
bool UseSPF
 Antispam: Use SPF.
long UseSPFScore
 Antispam: Use SPF (score).
WhiteListAddresses WhiteListAddresses
 Global white list.


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