Account object


The account object represents a single hMailServer account.



Deletes the account from the database.


Deletes all messages that exists in the account.


Saves the account in the database.


Unlocks the POP3 mailbox.

ValidatePassword(string Password)

Validates the password. Returns true if the password is correct.


bool Active


string ADDomain

Name of the active directory domain.

string Address

The e-mail address of the account.

eAdminLevel AdminLevel

Administration level.

string ADUsername

Name of the active directory user account.

long DomainID

The database identifier of the domain in which the account belong.

FetchAccounts FetchAccounts

External fetch accounts connected to this account.

string ForwardAddress

Address messages to this account should be forwarded to.

bool ForwardEnabled

Forwarding for this account is enabled.

bool ForwardKeepOriginal

Keep original message after forwarding has been applied.

long ID

The database identifier for the account.

IMAPFolders IMAPFolders

The IMAP folders belonging to this account.

bool IsAD

The account is connected to Active Directory.

VARIANT LastLogonTime

The timestamp for the last usage of this account.

long MaxSize

Maximum size in of the account (MB).

Messages Messages

Messages in the accounts mailbox.

string Password

The password of the account.

string PersonFirstName

First name of the account holder.

string PersonLastName

Last name of the account holder.

long QuotaUsed

Percentage of quota used (0-100).

Rules Rules

The rules specified for this account.

bool SignatureEnabled

Enable the signature

string SignatureHTML

The HTML version of the signature

string SignaturePlainText

The plain text version of the signature

float Size

The size of the account.

string VacationMessage

The vacation message

bool VacationMessageExpires

Vacation message is set to expire

string VacationMessageExpiresDate

The vacation message expires this date

bool VacationMessageIsOn

Vacation message is turned on.

string VacationSubject

The vacation message subject

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