API Example: Copying a message to a new IMAP folder


This example shows how to copy a message from one IMAP folder to another. The script requires hMailServer 5 or later.

Copying a message

   Dim obApp
Set obApp = CreateObject("hMailServer.Application")

' Authenticate. Without doing this, we won't have permission
' to change any server settings or add any objects to the
' installation.
Call obApp.Authenticate("Administrator", "secret")

' Locate the domain we want to add the account to
Dim obDomain
Set obDomain = obApp.Domains.ItemByName("example.com")

Dim obAccount
Set obAccount = obDomain.Accounts.ItemByAddress("test@example.com")

Dim obInboxFolder
Set obInboxFolder = obAccount.IMAPFolders.ItemByName("Inbox")

' Assume that the backup folder already exists. This may
' not be the case.
Dim obBackupFolder
Set obBackupFolder = obAccount.IMAPFolders.ItemByName("Backup")

' Copy all messages in Inbox to the backup folder
Dim obMessages
Set obMessages = obInboxFolder.Messages

For i = 0 to obMessages.Count - 1
Call obMessages.Item(i).Copy(obBackupFolder.ID)

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