API Example: Deleting an account

This example shows how to delete an account from your domain in your hMailServer installation. The script is written in VBA. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the script to a text editor
  2. Save it as a file with the extension .vbs, for example Example.vbs
  3. In the Windows Explorer, double-click on the .vbs file to run it.

Deleting an account

   Dim obApp
Set obApp = CreateObject("hMailServer.Application")

' Authenticate. Without doing this, we won't have permission
' to change any server settings or add any objects to the
' installation.
Call obApp.Authenticate("Administrator", "your-main-hmailserver-password")

' Locate the domain we want to add the account to
Dim obDomain
Set obDomain = obApp.Domains.ItemByName("example.com")

' To be able to delete an account, we need to know the database
' identifier for it. Because of this, we first need to fetch the account object.
Dim obAccount
Set obAccount = obDomain.Accounts.ItemByAddress("account@example.com")

obDomain.Accounts.DeleteByDBID obAccount.ID

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