API Example: Changing an account password

This example shows how to change the password for an account in your hMailServer installation. The script is written in VBA. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the script to a text editor
  2. Save it as a file with the extension .vbs, for example Example.vbs
  3. In the Windows Explorer, double-click on the .vbs file to run it.

Changing password for account

   Dim obApp
Set obApp = CreateObject("hMailServer.Application")

' Authenticate. Without doing this, we won't have permission
' to change any server settings or add any objects to the
' installation.
Call obApp.Authenticate("Administrator", "testar")

' Locate the domain we want to add the account to
Dim obDomain
Set obDomain = obApp.Domains.ItemByName("example.com")

Dim obAccount
Set obAccount = obDomain.Accounts.ItemByAddress("account@example.com")

' Set the password to "secret"
obAccount.Password = "secret"


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