Translation of hMailServer

hMailServer is translated to a number of different languages. The translation is made via an easy-to-use web-based interface. Anyone that knows a language except for English can help translating the software. If you want to help, go to the translation web interface and register.

Without knowing and understanding the software, it is hard to do a good and useful translation. Therefore you should have been using the software for at least one month before registering here.


Your forum account is used for translation, but you need to select what language you can translate to. First log on the forum, then use this form to select your language.

Logging in

Already registered? Edit the translation here.

Current status

Click here to see the current status of the hMailServer translation. This page also lets you extract and download the latest translations directly from the translation database.


A small help page is available here. If you have any further questions, ask them in the user forum.