hMailServer changelog for 5.3.3 (Build 1829)

Version 5.3.3 - Build 1829 (2010-04-02)

  • If public folders are used and the logged on user does not have permission to modify folder contents, hMailServer now explicitly tells the client that the mail box is read only. Before, hMailServer only informed the user when he tried to perform an action he did not have permission for.
  • In DataDirectorySynchronizer, it's now possible to select from a list what domains should be synchronized.
  • The OpenSSL package included with hMailServer has been upgraded to version 0.9.8n.
  • Issue 294: If an IMAP client issued the SELECT or EXAMINE command, hMailServer did not produce a complete response - the UIDNEXT value was missing from the response. This is not known to cause any errors apart from being an incorrect behavior.
  • Issue 303: If a domain administrator had access to the API, it was possible for him to create new domains. Only server administrators should have permissions to do this.
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