hMailServer changelog for 5.3.1 (Build 1712)

Version 5.3.1 - Build 1712 (2009-11-27)

  • If the delete threshold was set to a lower value than the mark-threshold in the anti spam settings, hMailServer only executed a single anti spam test.
  • When doing DNS lookups, hMailServer no longer parses the services-file. The services file is a file included in Windows which contains a mapping between a service name (http, smtp, etc) and a port number (80, 25, etc).
  • The built-in diagnostic test always attempted to connect on port 25 when testing outgoing connections. If a SMTP relayer is in use, hMailServer now uses the TCP/IP port specified in the SMTP settings instead.
  • If a DNS reply takes more than 20 seconds to execute, hMailServer now reports an error to the error log. Slow DNS replies may be an indication of incorrect DNS configuration in Windows.
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 0.9.8l.
  • Issue 268: If an IMAP client asked hMailServer to sort messages based on the Date, hMailServer did not always give the correct result.
  • Issue 274: Using Outlook, it was possible to corrupt the hMailServer folder structure by moving a folder into one of its own sub folders. For example, it was possible to execute a command which moves the folder Test\Sub to Test\Sub\Sub1. If a user did this, he could no longer access his mailbox.
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