hMailServer changelog for 5.5

Version 5.5 - Build 2074 (2014-09-04)

  • If an IP address is specified as Target SMTP Host for a SMTP Relayer or SMTP Route, hMailServer would always attempt to deliver to and the delivery would fail.
  • An experimental fix has been made to an issue related to session counting. Previously, hMailServer could assume that the number of current sessions were higher than they actually were.
  • When communicating with other SMTP servers, hMailServer will now assume that they support ESMTP, even if they do not advertise that in the initial greeting. This solves an issue where hMailServer would not use STARTTLS even if the remote server supported it.
  • When communicating with MySQL, hMailServer will now use the utf8mb4 character set for the connection if MySQL supports it. Previously hMailServer as using the utf8 character set.
  • WebAdmin has been updated to use UTF-8, which means that entering for example a signature with Japanese characters now works.
  • Issue 18: If several attachments were blocked in the same email, hMailServer now adds the same number of new attachments describing that the original attachment was removed. Previously only one attachment was added.
  • Issue 21: The SMTP error code for "Recipient not in route list" has been changed from 421 to 550, to indicate that this is a permanent error.

Version 5.5 - Build 2058 (2014-08-15)

  • Delivery of messages larger than 64kb to remote hosts was likely to fail.
  • WebAdmin has been updated to include new settings related to STARTTLS.

Version 5.5 - Build 2053 (2014-08-14)

  • In hMailServer Administrator, it's now possible to import the recipients of a distribution list.
  • Support for STARTTLS
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