hMailServer changelog for 5.6.5 (Build 2329)

Version 5.6.5 - Build 2329 (2016-03-20)

  • Custom script files are no longer uininstalled when uninstalling hMailServer.
  • The error message when trying to create two IP ranges with the same name has been improved.
  • A confirmation dialog has been added when deleting or emptying an IMAP folder in hMailServer Administrator.
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.1s.
  • The hMailServer service is now registered in Windows with a quoted path, to prevent the service from being vulnerable to "Unquoted service path". Unquoted service paths would allow a user with access to the server where hMailServer runs, but with less privileges than hMailServer, to gain the privileges of hMailServer by creating a new executable and placing it in C:\Program\Files\hMailServer\hMailserver.exe.
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