hMailServer changelog for 5.3 (Build 363)

Version 5.3 - Build 363 (2009-09-16)

  • To improve security, empty passwords are no longer permitted.
  • When an error occurs it's logged to the hMailServer error log and the standard log (if application logging is enabled). In the normal log file, the first column of the error line contained APPLICATION rather than ERROR. It now says ERROR which makes it easier to locate error-lines in the standard log file.
  • If a DNS lookup fails, this was reported as an error before. DNS lookups may fail if the recipients DNS server is not properly configured, and this is not an error in the hMailServer installation. Due to this, this is no longer reported as an error to the hMailServer log, but rather mentioned in the bounce message.
  • Issue 247: When a new message is added to a folder using an IMAP client, hMailServer now explicitly tells the same client that a new message has been added to the folder. This should solve problems with listing of Draft messages in Thunderbird.
  • Issue 249: If spam protection was enabled, but header tagging was not, hMailServer would fail to download messages from external accounts containing spam messages.
  • Issue 250: If SPF test passed, but another spam test failed and the message was rejected during the SMTP conversation, sometimes the rejection description sent to the client was empty.
  • Issue 253: When clearing the delivery queue, orphaned rows were left behind in the hm_messagerecipients table.
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