hMailServer changelog for 5.3 (Build 362)

Version 5.3 - Build 362 (2009-08-28)

  • hMailServer now supports IPv6.
  • It's now possible to bypass grey listing if a connection arrives from a MX or A record for the sending domain.
  • In the SpamAssassin settings, there's now a Test button which allows you to easily confirm that the SpamAssassin connection information is correct.
  • In the MX query, you can now right click on rows and copy to clipboard.
  • There was some inconsistencies related to IMAP folder hierarchy delimiter. When creating rule actions, the only valid IMAP folder delimiter is the one specified in the IMAP settings. If you've selected that . is the delimiter, specifyinng the IMAP folder name Folder\SubFolder will cause a folder with the name "Folder\SubFolder" to be created, rather than one named Folder and a second named SubFolder.
  • A new event has been added, OnExternalAccountDownload.
  • Issue 238: IMAP: hMailServer sometimes produced a BODYSTRUCTURE response with a syntax error.
  • Issue 240: If you tried to add route members prior to saving the route, an error was shown.
  • Issue 244: IMAP: The \Recent flag not removed properly, which made duplicate messages appear in RoundCube.
  • Issue 245: The AD integration in hMailServer Administrator didn't always add correctly configured hMailServer accounts.
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