hMailServer changelog for 5.1 (Build 334)

Version 5.1 - Build 334 (2009-03-10)

  • Core: Server is now starts up faster than before (1 second instead of 3-4).
  • Core: Added a lock to prevent hMailServer from starting more than 10 simultaneous virus scanners even if the number of delivery threads are higher.
  • API: If a charset specification was in upper case in an email, hMailServer didn't decode properly.
  • Misc: In Data Directory Synchronizer, it's now possible to delete files in the data directory but not in the database.
  • Issue 168: IMAP: Search for message indexes and internal UID's did not work properly. Caused problem with specific email clients. (Issue 168 and 169).
  • Issue 173: API: If you try to attach a file which is unavailable, hMailServer now gives a more descriptive error message.
  • Issue 175: SMTP: If it takes more than 10 minutes to deliver an email message, hMailServer timeouted before.
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