hMailServer changelog for 5.1 (Build 327)

Version 5.1 - Build 327 (2009-02-02)

  • hMailServer now supports DKIM. Signing options are available in the domain settings and verification options in the anti-spam settings.
  • The "Forwarding relay" option is no longer a setting in IP ranges but instead stored separately as "Incoming relays". The settings are found next to the IP ranges in hMailServer Administrator and WebAdmin. This change was made partly because the term "Forwarding relay" was a bit confusing and partly to improve performance.
  • In the external account settings, there's now options to enable Anti-spam and Anti-virus. In earlier versions, the IP range configuration was used to determine whether or not Anti-spam or Anti-virus should be run for external accounts.
  • In IP ranges, you can now specify an expiration time when the IP range will be automatically removed by hMailServer.
  • It's now possible to auto-ban users after a number of failed logon attempts. When a user is auto-banned, an IP range matching his IP address is created which prevents the client from connecting again. By default, a user who fails to log on 3 times within 30 minutes will have his IP address banned for 60 minutes.
  • In IP ranges, it's no longer possible to select Require authentication for deliveries to local account or Require authentication for deliveries to external accounts. Instead, there is a single option named Require SMTP authentication. When this option is selected, local users must authenticate prior to sending an email.
  • The layout in WebAdmin has been changed to a tab-based system. This makes the user interface less cluttered.
  • If you're doing a new installation, the installation program will ask you whether you want to use the built-in database or an external one. If you're upgrading, the installation program will assume you want to keep the current database and not ask you about it.
  • Issue 160: The timezone information added to the Received and Date header is sometimes incorrect. hMailServer only considers hours but not minutes when adding this text. In some timezones, such as Newfoundland which is GMT -03:30, the minutes are relevant.
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