HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders

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HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders

Post by jimimaseye » 2016-05-06 10:52


When email services receive an email from you they evaluate and score it using various checks that they implement. It is their choice and decision, based on the results of these checks, whether they then consider your email as potential spam.

The checks that they use for the evaluation differ from provider to provider. Some use their own 'intelligent screening', some use IP reputation, some use standard blacklisting checks and some simply use the standard email practice of checking DKIM, SPF or DMARC settings. But they all choose their own methods. As such, there is no one simple reason. Ever.

So, let me answer the question you are asking: "Why are they putting me in their SPAM folder? What can I do to stop it?"

Answer: ASK THEM! Ask them why they think you are spam. (See "REFERENCES" below).

Often, with the main providers such as Outlook/hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo, they may actually refuse your emails from delivery. These returned mails usually included an error/reason code, a brief explanation and/or a link pointing to a web page provided by them that will offer you more information in explaining why they have refused it. When they do, please click and read these bounced mail links.


There are some limited actions you can do to help yourself.

1, SPF records: these tell receiving email hosts what servers are allowed to send emails with your name (domain) on it. For example, if you try to send an email as "" with direct delivery from your server, it will almost certainly by considered spam by the recipient server as Yahoo only allow emails to be sent/originate from their email servers (this is why you must use their servers as a 'relay'). They use SPF records to specify this. Having SPF records will improve your chances of success. Not having an SPF record is not so good, and having an incorrectly configured SPF is just as bad and is almost certainly going to give you problems. There are many SPF creation sites available on the internet (and plenty of help within this forum).

2, DKIM: this is a process where your emails are 'signed' by your server based on its contents, sent to the recipient, and then they do the same 'signing' and check that the 2 signatures match; if the signatures match then no interference/modifications have been made to the email en-route. A secondary purpose is to prove that the email sender belongs to the signing domain. A successful DKIM signature match will further increase your chances of acceptance. There are many DKIM help sites available on the internet (and also a 'HOW TO' in the TUTORIAL section of this forum).

3, Your sending IP address: If you are sending out on a domestic dynamic IP address then there is a high chance it will exist in blacklists such as Spamhaus PBL ( - the belief that only spammers send emails from dynamic IP addresses. If it does, it may well cause you a problem as mail hosts will always consider you suspicious.
Solution? You have two options: a static or business class IP address. Speak to your ISP about your options. Or use an establish external SMTP Relay instead of direct SMTP deliveries.

4, Blacklist: Check your address or domain is not on a blacklist. A simply google will show you many sites that will offer a "blacklist check". (Suggestion: If you find you are listed on one or more blacklists, follow the links of that site that will detail where, why and, if possible, how to deal or remove yourself from it. Remember, sites that list you on a blacklist are responsible for telling you why THEY have you on that list and often they provide means for removal (if possible). You need to ask THEM. If you are found to be guilty of sending spam and you are unaware of it then read this documentation relating to Hmailserver: ... d_for_spam for further help.
TIP: For those using AZURE cloud services: AZURE doesnt block port 25 but does list all of its cloud IP addresses on Public Block Lists ('PBL') meaning that emails sent directly are more or less guaranteed to end up being marked as spam: ... l-domains/

5, Above all, READ! Read what is written. Read this 'HOW TO' guide. Read the detail given on rejections. Read the reference pages that the links point to. Use GOOGLE to see if others have had the same experience of being marked as spam by that particular receiver and what their solution was. After all, people here on the forum cannot tell you anything more than what is written here and they themselves will simply search and READ. (Why should they do it on your behalf?)


More detailed information and guidance on what is written above can be read here.

"Why are you putting my emails going in to your Spam Folder?" I've done some searching for you. Now you just have to read:

For Outlook/Hotmail:
For Gmail:
For Yahoo:

Generic Further help:

6, For those of you thinking I have forgotten to explain the unknown function in Hmailserver that will stop your emails being seen as spam, you can find it here: ... =2&t=24693

7, If you reach this point, after covering all of the above, you can by all means ask in the forums. I wouldnt bother, though, because the answer is likely to result in a link to this post, or words repeating the above, as there is simply nothing more to say. Not that writing anything more would help you, though, because you are just not reading, are you.
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Re: HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders

Post by TopCoder » 2016-06-13 20:35

Can you add to this guide that when hotmail goes to spam to check your outgoing IP on

Hotmail uses Symantec as part of their filtering, from my experience it's one of the main culprits, but no one ever talks about it.

You won't catch this on multi or any other lookup software because you can't automate queries to it.

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Re: HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders

Post by stan2020 » 2017-06-18 23:49

This ... .150).aspx might help if you have problems sending to emails. It goes to "remove yourself from the Office 365 blocked senders list" page.

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