MBOX Format Inport

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Jeff Hampson
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MBOX Format Inport

Post by Jeff Hampson » 2006-06-22 17:04

Currently we are using POSTFIX Email server. It stores email in the standard MBOX format.

"An mbox file is a plain text file containing all mails one after the other. Each mail starts with the line "From email_address date". The mail ends with the end of the mbox file or with the next line of this kind. Therefore a mail may not contain such a line in its body (such lines have to be changed f.e. by putting an '>' in front of it)."

is there anyway to import an MBOX File or any recommendation?

thanks :?

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Post by bazporter » 2006-06-22 20:40

I assume you want to upload the mbox into the IMAP server on hMailServer?

If so you could open the mbox in Thunderbird.

Create a POP3 account and an IMAP account. The POP3 will just be used to open the mbox. The IMAP account should point at your hMailServer account where you want to upload the mbox mail.

1. In Thunderbird create a new folder (call it whatever you like)
2. Close Thunderbird
3. Navigate to your Thunderbird profile folder and copy in the mbox file to the POP3 account structure
4. Delete the folder file you previously created
5. Rename the mbox as the folder file
6. Open Thunderbird - you should now find that clicking on the folder will show all your mail.
7. Now copy up all the mail to the IMAP account location you want to use.

Works quite reliably having done this with many mbox files from mailing lists that I have subscribed to and wanted to obtain a full history of posts.


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