Need to get internal app to send via hMail and the gmail

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Need to get internal app to send via hMail and the gmail

Post by TwistedHelixis » 2020-01-30 14:32

Apologies in advance, I am sure the answer is in the documentation, I just don't know what I am looking for :0(.

Basically our school software has stopped being able to send emails using 587. The port out is not blocked. So I thought as a workaround and as a way of testing I could use hMail to forward on the emails, so the software sends the emails to hMail, and hMail send it out to gmail which then sends it out the real world.

The school has a G Suite Domain

Is this possible?
If so, how? If you don't feel like explaining can you list the sections in the documentation that I should be concentrating on.

Do you think it is necessary to send the emails from hMail to Gmail, or should they just go straight from Hmail to the real world?

Thanks for any help & time.

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Re: Need to get internal app to send via hMail and the gmail

Post by palinka » 2020-01-30 16:10

I don't think hmailserver will help you. ... s-LSA.html

It looks like your users will have to make the change directly.

I've run into this issue myself, but only with myself as the user requiring "less secure apps" settings changes. They make it as painful as possible. If your mail client does not support oauth, you will need to first attempt access, get denied, then enable less secure apps, then attempt access again, get denied again, then go to the gsuite account admin page to allow the connection. Its not intuitive at all and without precise instructions, most users are unlikely to make it work.

Alternatively, you could force users to drop their use of mail clients and just use to access their mail.

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