Messages cannot be deleted, other messages disappear

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Messages cannot be deleted, other messages disappear

Post by kruemel80 » 2019-10-03 20:33


im using Hmailserver since a few years, clients are 3 thunderbird and an android client. I also tested other clients, the problem is always the same.
The Version of Hmailserver is 5.6.7 - Build 2425, the problem existed with an older version, too. The Database is MySQL.

My problem: If i delete one or more messages in thunderbird, sometimes it works fine and the messages are deleted. But sometimes, the messages disappear in the client and few seconds later, they appear as if they were not deleted. when i delete some other mails after that, sometimes the messages of the first deleting action disappear and dont come back.
The much more serious problem is, that (sometimes?, i don't know if it is always the matter) when i delete a message, it disappears first, then it comes back, but simultaneously, another messages which must not be deleted, disappears. sometimes it comes back later.

Has anyone such problems, too?

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Re: Messages cannot be deleted, other messages disappear

Post by mattg » 2019-10-04 01:43

Most IMAP Clients will only mark mail as deleted not actually delete the message.

Look for a 'purge' command in your mail client
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