Is it possible to run hMailServer "self-contained"

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Is it possible to run hMailServer "self-contained"

Post by georgeyates » 2019-08-12 16:30

I need to set-up a demo environment on a laptop. A product I have
installed has the capability to send email and I would like to demonstrate
this capability but I cannot count on being connected to a network while
the demo is running.

Can hMailServer be set-up in such a way that only local users will send
and receive mail? In other words, can I set up a fake domain name with
user accounts associated with it and use it locally on a system that is
disconnected from any network?

The admin tool allows me to do this and I can create an account and send
an email to this account. However, when I try to retrieve the email via
POP, this user cannot log in. All attempts to authenticate to the POP
server will fail. I've tried deleting and re-adding the user, changing
passwords, using no password, etc. and the user cannot login to the
POP server.

Since everything else was so easy to set-up, I am left wondering if the
software will work with the "fake" domain name. I haven't yet tried
it by actually disconnecting the network, but that would be the next

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Re: Is it possible to run hMailServer "self-contained"

Post by mattg » 2019-08-13 02:55

Use IP ranges to limit access, and set the firewall to block external traffic

a fake domain will be fine (use fake.local to be sure that it can't be delivered if you like)

Your POP3 issue:-
Enable all logging recreate the issue and then post all logs created
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Re: Is it possible to run hMailServer "self-contained"

Post by Dravion » 2019-08-13 09:01

First of all, yes this is possible, but in Order to have a working DNS-Domain you need of cause a DNS-Server.
to be ceompletely selfcontained, i recomend doing this in a VM like Virtualbox or VMWare or you risk messing up your Laptops Internet or Coorpirate Network and DNS-Settings.

I wrote a step by step Tutotial to setup a DNS-Server and configure it with hMailServer so you can send and receive Emails the same way it would work in a real World environment.

To find out more, read ... 21&t=33296

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