IMAP not deleting emails

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IMAP not deleting emails

Post by falves11 » 2019-06-11 04:32

I am downloading all my email from a python script that works fine with gmail

but after I download each email, I need to move it to \Deleted Items, and that is not happening.

"SENT: CNHI136 OK FETCH completed"
"IMAPD" 7236 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.330" "RECEIVED: CNHI137 STORE 67 X-GM-LABELS (\Deleted Items)"
"IMAPD" 7236 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.346" "SENT: * 67 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen) UID 67)"
"IMAPD" 7236 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.346" "SENT: CNHI137 OK STORE completed"
"IMAPD" 6668 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.409" "RECEIVED: CNHI138 EXPUNGE"
"IMAPD" 6668 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.409" "SENT: "
"IMAPD" 6668 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.409" "SENT: CNHI138 OK EXPUNGE Completed"
"IMAPD" 8048 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.424" "RECEIVED: CNHI139 CLOSE"
"IMAPD" 8048 224 "2019-06-10 22:16:11.424" "SENT: CNHI139 OK CLOSE completed"

what am I doing wrong?

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Re: IMAP not deleting emails

Post by mattg » 2019-06-11 04:49

That looks like you are just marking them mail as seen, then expunging another folder

I don't know IMAP commands but I expect that you have yours incorrect
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