HOWTO: Fix "Automatione error" ín hMailServer Admi

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HOWTO: Fix "Automatione error" ín hMailServer Admi

Post by Gustav » 2005-11-07 12:50

This obtuse message:
hMailServer Administrator
Automation Error
may pop if you have no MySQL running on the machine where hMailServer runs, and you have set the hMailServer service to be dependent on the hMailServerMySQL or MSSQL service by running one of the Reg files:
MySQL External.reg
MySQL Internal.reg
Microsoft SQL Server.reg

If you have MySQL or SQL Server running on another (remote) machine than hMailServer, no hMailServerMySQL (or -MSSQL) service exists, thus the hMailServer service cannot start - and when you launch the administrator the error message pops.

To cure this create a new reg file:

Code: Select all

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Save it as, say, DB Remote.reg and run it by double-clicking it. Then reboot the machine.

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other prosible reson for error

Post by Pern » 2006-09-10 19:38

try this link too it maybe that its making a program file in the root of drive c: too
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