migrating from another email server to hmailserver

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migrating from another email server to hmailserver

Post by pingram » 2009-06-01 22:41

I currently use argosoft mail server and wondered if anyone could tell me how difficult it would be to set up hmail server and migrate out accounts, passwords and their inboxes to the new server. I understand the installation, but wondered if there was a way to test drive, like using two other ports for testing, so I could learn how to get the information i need over to the new server and limit the number of downtime and lost emails.

It feels like that might be a somewhat difficult task and wondered what experience others have had with this.


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Re: migrating from another email server to hmailserver

Post by ^DooM^ » 2009-06-02 00:37

If you are using the same server then yes it would be a little tricky but nothing to bad.

Shut down argosoft temporarily.

Install hMail

Login to hMail admin and change the Ports (Advanced -> TCP/IP ports)

Stop the hMail service from windows services.

Restart Argosoft

Restart hMail

Now you should be able to to transfer accounts over with both servers running

You may also want to check this out too http://importargo.sourceforge.net/
If you do use that tool, you will need to install V4 of hMail first, run the import tool then upgrade to V5. All the above steps should remain the same in both V4 and V5
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Re: migrating from another email server to hmailserver

Post by bescher » 2009-09-11 01:27

I used Argosoft up until the time that Archie wanted to charge so much more for the .net version.
I also need to do SSL as well.
I used the below program ImportArgo with no issues. Just make sure you check
all accounts and users. You may get a error message ignore it and do it until all
accounts are done

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