Help: Backup data content error: size >1.5GB

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Thomas Parvais
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Help: Backup data content error: size >1.5GB

Post by Thomas Parvais » 2007-11-19 17:05


Today, when I tried to backup all the mail data from hmailserver gui console, i have the following issues:

-we don't see any progress of the backup process. We don't know if it is oingoing or not. A report live report on ths will be very useful
-My Data dirs are >1.5GB and it seems that HMS does not like this (too big bqckup size). What is the solution ? I can't ask to my users to delete and clean up their folders.

Thank you for your support


PS: I 'm thinking to build a script to copy (differential) all mails from all IMAP folders HMS to Google. May be use IMAPCOPY to do this ? Gmail is supporting now 5GB.... and IMAP. Just to have a copy in case of...
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