Howto submit a good Support request

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Howto submit a good Support request

Post by Dravion » 2019-01-30 22:20

To better understand your Problems with hMailServer,
please follow the simple steps below to submit a valuable Support request.
Nothing delays a Support case more then an incomplete Problem description.

01) Please submit your Supportrequest in English
02) Check your hMailServer logs Folder and open and read the existing Logfiles
03) If ERROR Logfiles exist and you cannot solve your problem yourself, please ZIP Archive your Logfolder (with Winrar or 7Zip)
04) What happens if you open hMailAdmin and tryingt to connect to hMailServer? (Screenshot the Error message if possible)
05) Is the hMailServer running? Open Service viewer by typing "services.msc" in your Startmenue and click on it to open it.
06) Try to ReInstall the same hMailServer version you running again. Dont uninstall it just overinstall it and check if this helps.
07) Be brief. Dont tell us the Story of your Life, provide a few Infos about your Computer (Memory, Mainboard, Windows version ect.)
08) Run Settings Diagnostic Report and add the resulting logfile to your logfiles viewtopic.php?f=20&t=30914

Settings for Logging
Package all (logfiles, Screenshots ect) into 1 Single Zip-Archive and attach it to your Support posting in the
hMailServer forum into the "General Discussion" section.

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Re: Howto submit a good Support request

Post by palinka » 2019-01-31 13:55

Hard to believe this is necessary but it truly is. Good one. Should be stickied on the main forum.

One thing i disagree with is zipping everything. My preference is post everything in code tags. I think many of us are reading on mobile which makes zip files very inconvenient.

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