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 Post subject: GData Virus scan implementation based on WHS 2011 example
PostPosted: 2011-12-06 12:26 
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since it took me some time to got the GData Internet Security for HomeServer integrated into the hmailserver I would like to share my solution with others in case they want to do the same thing.

Since the GData command line scanner is not supporting return codes I found another way to use it in hmailserver.

First you need to create a small batch script (I named it "virusscan.bat") and you place it where you want (Adjust the SCANBINARY value to your environment).

@echo off
set FILE=%1
set LOGFILE=%FILE%.scan.log
set SCANBINARY="C:\Program Files (x86)\G DATA\AVKClient\avkcmd.exe"
set RC=0

%SCANBINARY% /scan(e0a0):%FILE% /silent /nologo /noprogress /log(t0h0i0):%LOGFILE%

FOR /F "usebackq" %%A IN ('%LOGFILE%') DO set SIZE=%%~zA

    echo.Virus scanner did not find a virus or generated a message or warning.
) ELSE (
    echo.Virus scanner find a virus or generated a message or warning.
    echo.Checking if a real virus was found or only a message or warning was generated.
    for /f %%a in ('type %LOGFILE%') do (
        set s=@@@%%a
        if "%s%"=="!s:@@@%INFECTEDSTRING%=!" (
            echo.Virus found. "%LOGFILE%" contains an entry which begins with "%INFECTEDSTRING%".
            set RC=1

if "%RC%" == "0" (
    echo.No virus found.
    del %LOGFILE%

exit %RC%

This script is doing the actual scan.
It will call the GData virus scanner and in case the scanner writes entries in a log file (This is the case in case of a virus has been found or in case a file could not be opened or in case of other messages) it will check if it finds entries starting with the word "Infeced" which indicates a virus message.
In case of a virus was found it will not delete the LOGFILE but you can change this if you want :).

In the hmailserver Anti-Virus scanner executable you need then just to specify (Place the double quotes exactly as shown):
"<PATH TO THE SCRIPT>\virusscan.bat" %FILE%

and Return value should be 1.

I know that the script might not be perfect and could be enhanced but for me it does what it should.

Good luck.



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