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How do translators communicate among themselves?

Posted: 2005-09-24 00:36
by Paulo Meireles
It would be very useful to have a "comment" field with each translated sentence, where translators could leave... their comments (what else?) :D

Also, it would be great if translators could "subscribe" to several languages - some as "translators", and others merely as "readers". For instance, in my particular case, I can translate to Portuguese and, as I know some Spanish and French (but not enough to translate to any of them) I would be "reader" for those languages.

The translation interface would then show the original sentence, with the "reader" languages as read-only, and the "translator" languages as editable fields. Seeing how others have translated to their own language can be invaluable with certain hard-to-translate expressions. It would also help keeping the translation more coherent among languages.

Is it too difficult to implement? Or just nor worth the effort?

Posted: 2005-09-24 09:53
by martin
I'll think about it. It would probably take a few hours to implement that..

Posted: 2005-09-25 00:42
by iprat
That would be a nice implementation.

I would like to be Spanish and Catalan translator, but for the time I only can be Spanish translator.

If you implement this, please contact iprat for Catalan translation, it might be ready for 4.2 if you give me enough time ;)

Best regards,


Posted: 2005-09-29 13:01
by Julien@TLD
Great idea, a simple comment filed at the top of the translation pages would be a good thing to communicate with the others translators. We could so respect the same terms and the same expressions in our translation.

Posted: 2005-10-11 02:15
by Paulo Meireles
As I thought it, we'd rather have one comment field per translated expression / sentence, and it would only be visible if it had any content.