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by Milan
2008-10-14 14:17
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: SpamAssasin Integration
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Re: SpamAssasin Integration

For antispam I prefer to use ASSP, is stable on windows, self learning, just install and forget. Why to implement features which are allready done.
by Milan
2008-10-14 14:06
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Support for IPV6
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Re: Support for IPV6

Hello, Beginning of 2010 there will be no more new IPv4 Addresses available. Many ISPs begun to implement the 'dual stack' this year to be ready. The IPv6 traffic began to grow: So I strongly recommend to implement native IPv6 support in the nex...
by Milan
2008-10-08 16:23
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: Does hMailServer 5.0 support Native IPv6?
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Re: Does hMailServer 5.0 support Native IPv6?

Hello, We are implementing IPv6 for all our hosting infrastructure. Products without native IPv6 must be replaced next year. So when we want to use hMailServer in the future we need a commitmend, that IPv6 will be implemented soon. For all who do not believe that IPv6 will be important, please see t...